Puppies for Fostering

Wanted: Families interested in fostering Labrador puppies.

Fostering involves providing optimal raising conditions and imparting initial social skills to the puppy.

Without an adequate fostering period, the Labrador puppy will not be able to become a guide dog in adulthood.

Fostering of Puppies: FAQ

What is the most important role of the foster family?

The family is responsible for the puppy’s socialization process, so that he or she gets used to human company and their future service environment, as well as for them to adapt to indoor life.

How long does the puppy training process take?

At the age of eight weeks the puppy is given to a foster family. There he or she develops their social skills and receives a lot of love.

At the age of eighteen months, the dog is returned to school and begins an eight-month training course. Once the dog completes the program, he or she is paired with a blind individual and they train together for about a month.

Is the returning of the puppy to the training program difficult?

Yes, absolutely. But knowing that you are raising a puppy to improve the quality of life of a blind person eases the difficulty. If you succeed in raising the puppy and if you choose so, you can receive another one. A new puppy will make you feel better and reduce the sense of loss that accompanies returning the puppy to school.

What happens to a dog that does not complete its training as a guide dog?

In this case the school will contact you and ask if you wish to adopt the dog as a pet. If not, he or she will find another family that wants to adopt a dog. These dogs often go to families with special needs children.

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