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Help us help the blind in Israel

Help us train guide dogs and gift them to the blind in Israel, to enable them to live full and independent lives.

Seeing Eyes for the Blind is a non-profit organization recognized as a public institution. The organization’s facilities are located near Tzivon in the Galilee region.

The organization runs a training center where guide dogs are trained. Our training center was founded in 1989. Over twenty thousand blind people live in Israel today, including many disabled army veterans. The demand for dogs far exceeds the supply and there is a long line of blind people waiting to receive guide dogs.

Help us help them.

The dogs chosen to become guide dogs are selected from breeds with quiet temperament and high initiative. The breeds suitable to be used as guide dogs are Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever and German Shepherd. For the first year and a half of his or her life, the puppy stays with a foster family who volunteered to give them a warm home and accustom them to the company of humans and their environment (a process known as socialization).

At the end of the fostering period, the dog begins a packed training program that lasts eight months, in the training center facilities and in an urban environment.

After the training period, when the guide dog is ready to serve its new owner, the blind person is invited to a course along with other blind people who have undergone a screening process. The candidates stay at the training center under boarding conditions for about a month. During this time each blind person is instructed on how to function with his or her new dog.

A blind person and a dog are matched meticulously, and the mobility data, the character of the blind person and the environment in which the dog and the blind person are required to function are all taken into consideration.

At the end of the course, the blind person returns home with their new dog and there they both apply what they learned at the Seeing Eyes for the Blind training center.

Our professional team at the training center accompany the blind individual throughout the dog’s life.

This is an important mission.

The possibility to walk safely and freely with the help of a guide dog improves the quality of life of the blind and their ability to integrate into society and the labor market.

Your generous donation is a noble Mitzvah.

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