Raise a Puppy

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A guide dog is a gift to the blind that has a daily influence in the smallest things, such as the freedom to walk, cross the road safely and orient oneself in space. If you want to make a difference and bring about change, our puppy fostering program is right for you.

Knowing you helped a puppy fulfill his or her destiny of being a guide dog is wonderful. Guide dogs not only guide their owners, but they also allow them to live a full life and strengthen their sense of security and integration into society.

Raising a guide dog begins in a warm and loving home. The investment is great and requires time and training, but the result is worth the effort.

The puppy must spend the first months of his or her life in warm and loving human company, so that they grow up to be a high-quality guide dog, self-confident, calm and sociable.

Fosterers will teach the puppy the habits of the home, expose him or her to other pets, people, traffic and different sounds. The entire process is accompanied and guided by “Seeing Eyes for the Blind”. It is important that the adult dog that returns to us for training is sociable, quiet and not frightened by the world around him or her.

All the expenses related to raising the puppy, such as food, veterinary care, pesticides for fleas and ticks, equipment, etc., are covered by the organization.

We’re seeking volunteers who will provide optimal growing conditions and implement initial social skills to the puppies. Without a fostering period, the puppy will not be able to become a guide dog in adulthood.

Families who have gone through the process of fostering Labrador puppies for this purpose testify to a sense of satisfaction when they see the change in the life of the blind man or woman who received their dog. At any given moment a Labrador puppy is waiting to be fostered by a warm and loving home.

Our puppy raisers live in different places in the country and differ from each other in their way of life, but they all have one thing in common – the opportunity to improve the life of others.